Provider change, spelling fixes

I moved to a new provider: PiroNET is a sub-provider of the netsurf hierarchy.

Spellchecked all the pages. I hope this time I found’em all!

Added a new work in progress to the Picture page.

The mpeg movies on the Picture page are not up here until all things have settled. I think I’ll only have room for one version of each, but I’ll investigate… up till then, the links point to my work’s server, where’s still enough room to keep them there.


Whoa! That’s been a long delay. It’s always the same when I try to keep a diary 🙂

Well, what happened in the meantime? I had an operation on my right knee. This went fine, and after four weeks off, I managed to get my 4th kyu right on the 1st training session. Then my other knee broke down, again an operation, but this time I missed the opportunity to gain a new grade.

I hope to have my 3rd kyu by the middle of August now.

Ah, and I moved. My girlfriend decided that it was time to move together after 6 years, so who am I to disagree? 😉

I’ll try to keep these pages more up to date now, but who knows what will happen… I’m such a slob 😉


Well, I already should have written something about Moscow, but somehow I always had other things to do.

Hmmm, where should I start…

First of all, flying is REALLY COOL! All during the starting-period, I waited for, like, fear? But it didn’t happen, I absolutely loved it! We had good weather up to Poland, so I could see a lot of the landscape below. Then it became cloudy up ‚till Moscow, so all that could be seen for that part of the trip where white fluffy clouds, white silky clouds, white…

From the view of a guy who likes to do computer-graphics, I can only say that we’re far of from reality.

At one time during the flight, we took a sharp curve, so I had the chance to look upward. Have you ever taken a look into that direction during a flight? It’s DARK up there!!! There’s not much atmosphere left above that plane, and you really can see it. It’s actually quite a profound thing, but knowing a fact, and actually seeing it with your own eyes makes a difference. I found it absolutely fascinating.

Enough raving: We moved in on Moscow. I guess American folks won’t be that surprised – esp. in the LA region – but I was shocked when I saw that yellowish-brown hemisphere above the Moscow region after all that clear white-blue sky. That’s not really the stuff I wanted to put up into my nose!

It was by that time, that I had my one and only glimpse into fear of flying. After several hours of clouds below us, we went down, and after, maybe, two cloud layers, I could see the ground again. Just for a very short second I thought by myself: "Shit, that’s deep!". But then the feeling was again replaced by fascination.

We went down, and it smelled as it looked: Imagine streets with 5 lines, but where they actually drive in 8 or more? These were full of really oldish cars. It smelled like gasoline everywhere.

All the streets are huge, but that’s okay, as long as you stay on your side. If, however, you want to cross one of these streets, you’re in for big trouble – well, sometimes, if you’re lucky, there’s a metro-station, so you can cross it underground…

The hotel – Russia – was big and ugly, with four entrances – north, south, east and west – that all looked alike. The same exchange lot, the same cigarette-store, the same disco, the same reception, but not really the same, because once you couldn’t find your room, you knew you took the wrong side. By the way, you had to go out to get to your room, because you just couldn’t go round that thing on the inside.

At least they had cable-TV with 2 music channels – one Russian, one french. Needless to say, that I speak neither of the two…

Well, the hotel had full service. At 2300h I prepared to sleep when my phone rang:

Huh? "Ja????"

"Hello? Do you speak English"

"Yes, of course I bloody do, who’s there"

"Do you want sex?"


<giggling…> "Do you wand SEX?"


<more giggling> "DO YOU WANT SEX?"

"Hurm… eh… no eh…, thank you." <staring stupidly at the

"Ok" <click>

<more stupid staring at the phone> then the phone rang in the next

After 2 more calls – hmm, I guess from different girls – it knocked on the

Huh?!?!? (again) it’s 2345h by now.  Well, I thought, maybe it’s my
colleague, but I *was* suspicious by that time.

"Who’s there?"

"OLGA, Your girlfriend"

… After getting rid of Olga from my door, I could sleep at last.

There’s not much more to tell about Moscow. Working there with computers is a mess. People smoke in their offices, computers are slow, and the offices are tiny with too much people in there. At least the folks that I had to deal with didn’t understand anything about TCP/IP networks or UNIX, and also didn’t want to learn about it.

Ah, the food is bad, and most of the people in restaurants are unfriendly – Nope, I don’t think that I’m generalizing here, because I’ve never seen such behavior in other places.

All in all, it was a really useless trip!


Yes, I have dropped nightschool, and now am looking for some Latin classes. This was actually the only course that I learned something in.

I’m preparing to get my grade in about a year or so without visiting a school, only doing the final tests. Well, we’ll see…

I also started with Karate again. I have quite no more skin under my feet, but that’s okay. It’ll pass. I haven’t done Karate-training for about 5 or 6 years now, and gained about 40 pounds weight, but the coach said I did pretty good for that long time. Dammit, I still know all the Kata better than the folks in that course do! Ok, I had specialized on Kata, and when it came to Kumite, I could see how long it had been since I did that!

I’ll just have to see how things develop… and who needs bones anyway? 🙂

Well, having my life back, there’s also some room for the ‚Every Programmer’s Fun Project‘ again (Come-on honey, you know that programmers need that once in a while 😉 Perhaps I’ll try to compete in the irtc or something like that.

Yikes, my company sends me to Moscow next week! Over here, the summer is fading out – last few days with T-shirt weather – but over there it’s already kind’a winter!!! Ok, the Russians would say that summer is fading out, but the average Eskimo would perhaps say that summer is even colder than that. However, I’m sure I’ll bloody hate the temperatures over there. And the food. And the hotel. And the language. … sigh.

It’s also the first time that I’ll travel by airplane. But thanks god, it’s not Aeroflot, but Lufthansa Businessclass.


I’m on quite a busy schedule lately. It’s actually so much that I’m thinking about dropping out of nightschool. With my current job, I don’t see any chance to get things organized in a way that I can have a life, do some private computer-stuff, eat something different from junk-food, and spend 5 hours a day at a school where I can’t learn anything.

I brought our company to the net in the last few months, and now am busy shutting the open doors. Besides of that, I’m preparing our UNIX-software to being ported to NT – yikes.

Should I drop school temporarily, until things calm down a bit, I’ll surely start doing karate again. This has been lurking for quite some time in my head now, and I’m starting to get serious about that. Who needs healthy bones anyway?